Dental Implant Services

Dental implants are a common method used for replacing missing teeth. Each implant is made of a titanium post, which is surgically placed into the jaw. Bone structure develops around the posts, or a bone graft is used to encourage this growth. Depending on the patient needs, there are different types or methods of dental implant treatment that Paradise Dental offers:

We may place one implant for a single tooth replacement, 2 or more implants for multiple teeth (as with a fixed bridge) or multiple implants to stabilize a full denture.

single-tooth-implantDental implants most often are used to replace one missing tooth. In the past the usual method of treatment for a missing tooth was to place a permanent bridge on the two adjacent teeth, with a porcelain tooth in the middle. This meant that the adjacent teeth had to be ground down to have a bridge placed. Many times the adjacent teeth are healthy and do not need crowns to protect them. By restoring the area with a bridge, lots of healthy tooth structure is removed and the risk for further dental problems (root canal, fracture, decay) is increased.

An implant is a cylindrical titanium screw-like post which is surgically placed into the jaw bone. After a few months of healing, the bone has integrated or locked the implant in place. At that time a titanium abutment (post) is placed into the top of the implant. This abutment extends through the gum and is specially shaped to hold a ceramic crown which replaces the missing tooth. One major advantage of an implant over a bridge is that the adjacent teeth are not involved in the implant procedure.

2 implant posts can be used to support 2, 3 or sometimes 4 porcelain crowns as an effective means to replace multiple teeth. These crowns are joined together in a similar manner to a dental bridge. The implant posts support the crowns, and are a fixed permanent appliance. Traditional methods for replacing several teeth used to mean a removable partial denture. With multiple unit implants, patients never have to take their teeth in or out.

Even if you are missing every tooth, dental implants can help replace all teeth in an arch by anchoring full denture plates. This allows the denture to snap onto an appliance in the mouth, holding it more securely. Patients with anchored dentures may find it easier to eat and talk than patients without implants. For full arch anchors, as little as 2 implants may be used, but 4 or more are recommended for maximum stability.

Miniplants are a newer version of dental implants. Sometimes the permanent crown can be made on the same day the miniplants are placed. Traditional implants require months of healing time before an appliance is affixed. Miniplants are a thinner post made for immediate tooth replacement. Because they require less bone structure to place, they may also be placed in areas that wouldn’t hold traditional implants, like in patients with bone loss. Miniplants are often used to help anchor dentures.

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