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We suggest these other local businesses who share our passion for over all good health and wellness

Located in Salem’s Shetland Park in Salem, Massachusetts, BNS Fitness offers group-style workouts, cross-fit training and weight-lifting classes as well as personal training services. “Boot-camp style” group and one on one workouts can be personalized to meet your fitness goals.



Since 1999,Tracey Green has been practicing the Chinese medical art of acupuncture to prevent illnesses, treat medical conditions, reduce pain, and support other medical treatments. Seniors who have digestive, respiratory, neurological and muscular disorders may benefit from this unique treatment system.




Debra Klein, AADP is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and teaches Healthy Cooking Workshops Kitchen as well as Re-Boot Corporate Wellness programs. She is committed to sharing her knowledge and expertise in cooking delicious, healthy meals, and inspiring others to make healthy food choices and foster a healthy lifestyle.



Dr. Mancini is a board-certified Doctor in internal medicine. She provides Direct Primary Care services, which are personal, transparent, and affordable, to her patients. Dr. Mancini provides primary care to anyone from young adults to senior citizens “the old-fashioned way.” She values trust, openness and transparency.





Darcy Gilbo has over 20 years of experience in massage and body work with a specialty in deep tissue trigger point therapy. She works with a spectrum of individuals including the elderly and athletes. In addition, she works with orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors, cardiologists, and physical therapists to give clients the best possible care. She believes massage therapy can benefit not only the person’s body but also their mind and spirit. She works to treat every individual according to their specific needs.






Professional Certified Coach Elizabeth O’Shea is passionately committed to partnering with clients to tap into their highest potential in life. Through coaching, new possibilities open that allow clients to choose how they want their life to be. Together we design tangible action steps that lead to sustainable results for success.

Coming from a mindfulness background, I believe we all have the wisdom and answers we need inside ourselves. Coaching helps to guide us on how to tap into our deepest resources within for more powerful results.

My mission and service is to help people get back in touch with what is important and partner with them to create strategies that fuel them and accelerate their progress.

If you are looking for an experienced professional who can partner with you and challenge you to go beyond your comfort zone in order to reach your goals, you’ve come to the right place!

I coach in person, on the phone and on Skype.

Call 617-816-1489 or email Elizabeth at lifeinalignmentnow@gmail.com for an appointment.



Orthopedic & Spine Specialists

Positive Outcome Physical Therapy utilizes a one-on-one, goal-oriented approach when it comes to caring for its clients. It customizes treatment services for every client, treating all types of injuries including musculoskeletal problems, orthopedic and spine injuries, neck and back pain, and more. Its specialists empower clients by restoring functions and providing education so clients can better understand diagnosis, symptoms and treatment plan.



Rosaleen Doherty and Jay Kenney, owners of Right at Home of Boston and North, MA offer senior care services in the comfort and familiarity of wherever you and your loved one call home. Each client’s care is tailored to their unique situation through a Custom Care Plan. Individualized elder care programs change as clients’ needs change. From companionship and help around the house to 24/7 care, Right At Home will be with you every step of the way.



Phone: (781) 780-2246
Fax: (781) 598-3730
142A Canal St.
Salem, MA 01970