Is Alzheimer’s Related to Poor Dental Hygiene?

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Did you know that people with poor oral hygiene or gum disease may be at a greater risk of developing Alzheimer?s disease? Chronic infection and inflammation due to spirochetes (a type of bacteria) has been shown to cause progressive dementia.

The human oral cavity harbors at least 60 species of spirochetes. When your gums bleed, the bacteria from your mouth can enter your bloodstream, eventually reaching your brain. When the bacteria reaches the brain, it can trigger an immune system response, killing brain cells. The accumulation of this bacteria in the bloodstream can overtime contribute to dementia.

When taking care of your body, make sure to take extra good care of your mouth. Having good dental hygiene and a healthy mouth will minimize the amount of bleeding from the gums, lessening the chance of bacteria entering the bloodstream.

Here at Paradise Dental, a cleaning is not just a cleaning. We understand how oral health is related to total body health. We are committed to excellence while providing comprehensive care in all aspects of dentistry.

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