Benefits of Dental Crowns

dental crowns

Getting any kind of oral surgery can be a scary thing, but at Paradise Dental, we provide you with the best services and can get you dental crowns that do wonders for you. Dental crowns are essentially tooth-shaped caps that are placed over your tooth, by a dentist. These crowns have many major benefits and can help do more than just bring your tooth back to a perfect state.

Benefits of Dental Crowns


Dental crowns can provide you with the aesthetic look that you are interested in having. It can do some of the following things, depending on the original state of the tooth:

  • Add Length/Width to Misshapen Teeth
  • Cover Up Tooth Discoloration
  • Give You More Confidence in your Smile

Support & Protection

Things can happen to teeth. You may have fallen or gotten hit in the face with a soccer ball, baseball, etc. growing up. One of the major benefits of getting a dental crown is that it can help to mask and protect this damage. Teeth damaged by tooth decay can also use a dental crown, which will ensure that tooth has the protection and support it needs so that it does not get worse, which could cause you a lot of pain.


Dental Crowns can last an incredible amount of time. While you may have them in your mouth for what you think is a long time, they can outlast any regular tooth, due to the way that they are built.

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