Best Tips for Improving Your Dental Care in the New Year

Best Tips For Improving Your Dental Care In The New Year

We at Paradise Dental are excited for the New Year and wish you all the best in 2019! Most of you might already be thinking about your New Year’s resolutions – a new job, get healthier, save money, there are many options. Don’t forget to include your teeth & gums in your healthy plans for 2019!

Ways to improve your oral health

Focus on everyday oral habits

We’ve been told by our dentists since we were young to brush and floss each day. But how many of us really brush and floss every day? If you’re guilty of not doing this, then that’s the first and best place to start to get your teeth and gums healthier.

Eat Better

This is a common resolution for people every year. Poor nutrition can affect your whole body – vegetables, fruits, and nuts all help inflammation and have bacteria that help prevent bacteria from going on your teeth. There is also an added bonus that you may lose a few pounds so that could be two benefits in one.

Quit smoking or using other tobacco products

Using tobacco products is bad for your overall health, but it is especially negative for your gum, teeth, and oral health. They increase the risk of oral cancer, gum disease, and can discolor your teeth. You can use the new year as an excuse to quit for good – for your health!

See your dentist for regular checkups

By making regular dental appointments, twice a year, you are ensuring that your teeth, gums, & mouth are staying healthy. We are able to give your teeth a deep cleaning, that you wouldn’t be able to do on your own. Did you know we give a complimentary oral cancer at every continuing care appointment? We do this in conjunction with screening for gum disease, cavities, and more. These preventative measures to decrease these from becoming a larger issue later on.

If improving your dental care is something you are going to do in the New Year – join the Paradise Family at Paradise Dental! We welcome new patients of all ages. If you have questions about oral health or would like to schedule an appointment – you can call us at (781) 780-2246 or contact us on our website. We hope to see you soon!

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