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Sinking Smile?

Dental Bone Grafting Elevates Your Jawline and More

If you have missing teeth or gum disease, social interactions may become awkward, eating uncomfortable, and speaking a source of embarrassment. But the difficulties don’t stop there. The corresponding areas of your jaw may begin to deteriorate. This is a complex problem because it can lead to further tooth loss and make it difficult to place dental implants to replace those missing teeth. Your face can develop a prematurely aged, sunken appearance. At Paradise Dental Associates, we have an effective solution to reverse jawbone loss and stabilize the area. Dental bone grafting gives you another chance at healthy teeth and bone—making essential activities like eating, speaking, and smiling as care-free as they should be. Our doctors can rebuild what you’ve lost. Trust their extensive experience in restoring jawlines to give you back the quality of life you deserve.

What You Have to Gain

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How Bone Grafting Works

During bone grafting procedures we take bone material and place it in the area of your jaw where you’ve suffered bone loss. This bone graft will slowly begin to grow and fuse with your jawbone, eventually replacing the missing structure. If the extent of your bone loss is so extreme that it has fundamentally altered your facial functioning and appearance, we can perform a ridge augmentation procedure. For this treatment, we use grafting material to rebuild the natural contours of your jaw and your distinctive facial features. Bone grafting procedures, when followed with dental implant placement, enable you to chat with friends, eat your favorite foods, and smile broadly—all without the slightest hesitation. These procedures can be necessary in the dental implant process and are an essential part of the comprehensive dental implant care we offer here in one convenient Salem, MA location.  We encourage you to request more information without delay!

Reclaim your precious facial esthetics with bone grafting!

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