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The effects of aging on our skin and face are inevitable. As we get older, skin begins to lose the collagen that holds it firm, which leads to sagging and loose skin. And after years of repeatedly moving our facial muscles, lines and wrinkles naturally begin to develop. While these effects are natural, there is a solution to give you a more youthful appearance again—BOTOX® and Juvéderm® facial aesthetic injections! 

These injections work to counter the effects of aging on your face by filling fine lines and wrinkles, tightening skin and reducing sagging and bags. The treatment for both BOTOX and Juvéderm involves receiving small injects at targeted areas around the face. These injections either include dermal fillers that plump up the skin or a compound that causes the muscles to relax. These treatments are performed by our team in our Salem, MA office and both BOTOX and Juvéderm can just take a few minutes per treatment. 

What BOTOX and Juvéderm Can Improve

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BOTOX® works by temporarily blocking signals from the nerves to your facial muscles. This prevents them from contracting as regularly and allowing the area of the face to relax and soften. When these muscles do not contract as regularly, the wrinkles and lines begin to fade and appear less visible. Treatments typically last between four to six months. 



Juvéderm is a dermal filler that is used to help address signs of aging as well as add volume to the skin. The injections are applied just under the skin and the effects begin to occur immediately and can last for up to two years. Common uses for Juvéderm are to plump sunken cheeks, smooth out smile lines and to provide lip enhancements to offer fuller lips. 

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