CEREC: When You Need a Dental Crown ASAP

Don't wait to get your dental crown

Has your dentist recommended crown work and you’re putting it off? Or do you have a feeling you might need some work but hesitate to visit your dentist to start the process?

Regardless of your reason, all dentists agree that this is not something you should wait on, and for good reason. If you wait to get crown or bridge treatment, it can very easily and quickly lead to larger issues and more dental work down the road.

Knowing how dental emergencies like cracked or broken teeth can bring your schedule to a screeching halt, Paradise Dental Associates decided to invest in CEREC same-day crown technology to give our customers the fastest and more effective crown treatment available.

When you visit our office for an appointment, we can determine the best way to restore your smile. While treatments like bonding or fillings have always been completed in one appointment, getting a crown traditionally takes longer. This can add to fatigue and lab costs, not to mention the price of missing work. Thankfully, CEREC technology can change all of that. Completing your crown treatment in one day is priceless, especially when you’re in pain, have a broken tooth, or are short on time in general.

How Are Same-Day Crowns Different From Traditional Crowns?

CEREC crowns are made by taking a 3D “impression” or scan of your teeth instead of taking a physical mold. The digitized information is then transferred to our computers, where we can design the shape and fit of your custom ceramic crown. Next, we choose a specific color and block of ceramic to match your smile. From there, our in-house CEREC machine mills the crown while you relax or catch up on other necessary treatments. Once it’s ready, our Salem dentist permanently bonds it over your prepped tooth.

On the other hand, traditional crowns are a two-visit experience. First, we would prep your tooth, place a temporary crown over it, and send your models to a lab where the crown is made by hand. Then you would return two weeks later to have the crown tried in and bonded. There are still some reasons why a traditional crown may be the best choice for your smile. A handcrafted, traditional restoration made in a lab can be customized if you have unique colored tooth enamel that is hard to match. To ensure your crown looks as natural as possible, we would arrange for you to see a master ceramist to take a color reading of your teeth. This process is usually only needed if we’re restoring a prominent tooth at the front of your smile. The process of getting a crown is an art form as well as a treatment for preserving your tooth.

Advantages Of Same-Day CEREC Crowns

No risk of damage to your tooth while you’re waiting for a permanent crown.
A digitally accurate fit eliminates any risk of human error during crown fabrication.

Go back to eating all your everyday foods immediately after treatment without worrying about displacing a temporary crown.

Extremely durable, attractive materials that are designed to last for several years.
Full coverage protection in one appointment, eliminating the need for additional trips to the dentist’s office.

Single Visit Crowns In Salem

Paradise Dental Associates provides both CEREC same-day and traditional ceramic crowns in our Salem dental office. We aim to customize each treatment to meet the patient’s needs so that we will review the advantages of each one during your treatment planning process. Feel free to contact us today.

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