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The dentist office of today is a much different place than the one you may have gone to as a kid. Remember biting down on those sharp plastic sheets for your x-ray? Or how about that “bubble-gum” flavored fluoride treatment that you could taste all day afterwards? Today’s dental office can look like something designed by NASA. Advances in our field are always met with open arms at Paradise Dental!

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Here’s a brief overview of some of the 21st century techniques that we have on hand:

cerecCEREC is shorthand for “Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics”, which basically a fancy way of saying “one stop crown service”! Gone are the days when one had to go home with a temporary crown and eat Jell-O for 2 weeks while a lab somewhere milled their permanent crown. Now, with our in-office CEREC machine, we can digitally scan the tooth and custom mill your permanent crown in the same day. We can also do onlays and veneers in one visit using CEREC technology.

ZOOM Whitening
MUCH more effective than a home-whitening kit and way more efficient than older whitening techniques, ZOOM whitening combines the effectiveness of hydrogen peroxide with a special UV lamp that intensifies the peroxide’s whitening action. Imagine leaving the office with much whiter teeth after one visit. No more applying those uncomfortable strips and then getting that phone call you’ve been waiting for all day!

Sinsational Smiles Whitening
Sinsational SmileDon’t have time for ZOOM Whitening? There’s an even faster method. Sinsational Smiles uses a gel and LED light that can get your teeth several shades lighter in less than half an hour. To be the most effective, this treatment should be done on the tail of a thorough cleaning.

Remember those little tablets that would turn your teeth red where you had plaque (and were probably pure Red Dye #2)? DIAGNOdent is the modern version, much improved! This process involves laser flourescence technology to scan your teeth for signs of emerging decay which means earlier detection and smaller repairs needed.

Vita Easy Shade
vita-logoYour teeth are never one uniform standard color. Everyone’s teeth are variations of colors and it can be a challenge to get a seamless match for a crown or veneer or other repair.

OraVerse-colorPM08While it might be a great excuse to get off work for the rest of the day, old school dental anesthetics can really be (ahem) a pain. If you’ve ever had a procedure and spent the rest of the day feeling like you have a gigantic cotton ball stuck to your jaw, then ORAverse is godsend. The treatment works by dilating blood vessels around the affected area to speed up the removal of a local anesthetic and return sensation in as little as one or two hours. Don’t worry, we won’t tell your boss!

Similar to a jeweler’s loupe, Orascoptic loupes help magnify and clarify the area that is being worked on so the procedure is done more precisely and effectively. After all, your teeth are as precious as diamonds.

Move over Tooth Fairy! Stor-A-Tooth is just as magical and worth a lot more than pocket change. Imagine in the near future being able to treat conditions such as diabetes, gum disease and spinal chord injuries with your baby teeth. Stor-A-Tooth takes these teeth and stores them in a cyrogenic state in anticipation of future use for stem cell regeneration.

Care Credit
In a perfect world, medical procedures would be covered by a government funded health care plan easily accessed via the internet and with no inflated costs and complicated forms. But until we can all live in Sweden/Canada/Iceland, there’s Care Credit, a patient-centric financing plan that allows you to set up a payment schedule for your treatment.

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