Confidence Restored

Dr. Louis has recently been working on a specific case, where he has found some creative ways to create a new level of aesthetic appeal for patients waiting on their final crowns to be created. Let?s take a look at the instance below and go over some of the reasons it may be beneficial to have these temporaries while waiting.

The Breakdown

This case had a massive amount of severe decay, which in turn, led to the patient having to get his four anterior teeth extracted. Tooth decay can come in a lot of different levels, including minor tooth decay, which is treated with a cavity, as well as the opposite end of things, which is severe tooth decay and can lead to toothaches, infections, and tooth loss, ultimately. In minor cases, the treatments would include fluoride use, fillings, and crowns, but in more severe cases, such as this, we would often see treatments such as root canals or entire tooth removals. In this case, this patient had to have his four anterior teeth extracted.

The Solution

Since there was such severe decay, this patient ended up getting his four anterior teeth extracted, as mentioned above. The Doctors here at Paradise Dental have come up with a more creative solution than what we would normally see. Dr. Helyne is going to place two implants and Dr. Louis will ultimately make him a 4-unit anterior bridge to replace the missing teeth.?The before and after photos above show the temporaries, Dr. Louis? solution to a more gratifying aesthetic appeal until the work can be completed.?He will wear these temporaries until he is ready to have his final crowns made in approximately 8 months to a year.

How Does This Help The Patient?

With the addition of the temporaries shown above, there are a few things that could benefit the patient. From self-confidence to being able to eat properly, to aesthetic appeal, this temporary solution really helps to provide the patient with what he needs until the final crowns are ready.

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