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Same-Day Smile Restoration

We Use CEREC for Faster Dental Crowns and Bridges

Teeth that are cracked or have cavities can spoil your smile and make every meal a chore. Over time, they can even weaken to the point of falling apart. Whether your teeth are compromised above the roots or need to be removed altogether and replaced with dental implants, they will need restorations. Highly skilled in cosmetic dentistry, our team can restore the strength, beauty, and function of your posterior teeth with dental crowns and dental bridges. CEREC technology makes this possible in a single visit to our Salem, MA office! CEREC, short for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, is a self-contained system that creates quality ceramic crowns and bridges on the spot. There’s no need to wear temporary restorations for weeks when you can have final ones the very same day. What’s more, we guarantee them for five years!

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Leading the Field in Innovation

Back in 1999, Dr. Stephen Hamelburg became one of the first practitioners to use the innovative CEREC system—which enables us to design, fabricate, and place crowns on-site during one appointment—and has undergone intensive training in the technology. Paradise Dental Associates has invested in CEREC to enable you to get back to enjoying life with fewer visits than traditional crowns and bridges allow. We’re always looking for ways to improve your dental health through quicker, more precise treatments and to offer you a better overall experience from the very first contact. CEREC is just one of the ways we achieve both goals.

Advantages of CEREC Crowns

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cerec same day crowns equipment

Creating Your New Crowns and Bridges

Your spectacular new teeth are the result of several high-tech tools. We first capture a digital impression of the affected teeth and the surrounding teeth with our intraoral camera. At this point, we also use a VITA Easyshade® device to perfectly match the color of adjacent teeth for a seamless smile. The CEREC system’s design program then takes that information and uses it to create a virtual blueprint for your crowns and/or bridges. Once the design has been completed, we fabricate your restorations with an in-house milling machine while you stay comfortable and relaxed. We then place your final restorations. You’ll be able to return to normal activities soon after you leave our office, but what you’ll notice immediately is that your new teeth look completely natural and make you feel great.

Ask about our exclusive 5-year ceramic crown guarantee now!

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