Dental Care During COVID-19

tooth wearing a PPE mask

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected numerous parts of our daily lives, and it’s effects will continue into the unforeseeable future. At this point, industries including the dental field are working to adjust operations around social distancing and sanitation recommendations. Paradise Dental has upgraded our existing top of the line technology and procedures to keep our staff and patients safe from the spread of infection. This means that COVID-19 is no reason to neglect your oral health or be afraid of the dentist!

Increased Sanitation

Our practice has increased sanitation and added social distancing measures to all office areas you will encounter during your next appointment, as well as those behind the scenes. We are sterilizing the waiting room and all touch surfaces at scheduled intervals. There is one way traffic flow throughout the office and we have sneeze guards installed at our front and back business desks. We are also prescreening all patients for symptoms and conducting temperature checks upon entrance. 

Advanced Technology Systems

Your dental practice should be utilizing advanced technology to ensure clean air and proper equipment sanitation. Paradise Dental uses a Surgically Clean Air filtration system and a Duramax Extraoral Suction system to ensure virus, bacteria, and germ-free air throughout the practice. Both systems include multiple step filtration processes to remove over 99.99% of dangerous aerosols from our air.

Top of the Line PPE

Paradise Dental has always required protective masks, disposable gloves, and fluid resistant scrubs for all medical staff. We have now implemented use of KN95, and N95 masks, as well as disposable full body protective suits. Medical personnel are also wearing full face shields, and distancing barriers are in place at the front and back office desks. We ask that patients also wear face masks upon entrance. 

Is It Safe to Go to the Dentist? 

Yes. In fact, what is truly dangerous is neglecting your oral health! Neglecting pain, redness, other concerning symptoms, or even a regularly scheduled continued care appointment is dangerous for your dental and overall health. Ignoring cavities can lead to needing root canals or even loss of a tooth, and neglecting plaque will eventually lead to tartar and gingivitis. To prevent cavities, gum disease, and poor overall health, keep up with your dentist appointments even during COVID-19. Afterall, Paradise Dental is one of the most sanitary places you could be!

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