Dentists Are Staying Safe During These Trying Times

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As frontline workers, dental practitioners have been working consistently since the start of the pandemic. With a surge in cases as well as being around germs on a regular basis, dentists have continued to thrive and actually be one of the least likely frontline workers to have contracted the virus. In fact, according to the the American Dental Association (ADA), Dentists have a rate lower than one percent.  By following certain guidelines set by authoritative figures such as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) our staff at Paradise Dental Associates have been able to keep themselves consistently safe throughout this pandemic. Here are some of the policies we’ve incorporated into our practice with the safety of our practitioners in mind. 


Taking every safety precaution necessary has been mentioned multiple times amongst statements from the CDC. As the CDC have stated in the past, wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) has allowed everyone to work safely in our office and continue working safely. We’ve provided our dentist with disposable body suits on top of some of the best protective facial equipment available such as N95 masks. We’ve also provided protective screens for our administrative staff for our front of the office as well as the back. 


Sanitation Policies 

Keeping a clean environment significantly decreases the chances of germs spreading throughout the office. The ADA has made this abundantly clear even before the pandemic for the sake of preventing infection amongst staff. This is why we stress that keeping a clean working environment is a must at Paradise Dental Associates. At various times of the day between scheduled visits, we make sure to thoroughly disinfect and sanitize our practice to ensure that our dentists and staff can work in an environment where they do not have to stress over unwanted germs. 

Regular practice of physical distancing

In order to keep our staff safe, we’ve adhered by the CDC guidelines of limiting physical contact between patients and staff by having appointments booked in advance and also rolling through advanced screenings in order to to keep staff distant from patients as regularly as possible.  We have also closed our public waiting area, created one way traffic throughout the facility to prevent additional contact.


Paradise Dental Associates has provided a safe environment by adhering to guidelines set by public health authorities and going the extra mile to ensure that ALL of our staff, and therefore our patients, remain safe. Call us today at (781) 230-7086 to schedule your continued care. 

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