Dr. Hamelburg Talks About New Location & Expansion of Paradise Dental Associates!

What does this move mean for your business?

This move means everything to us.? We started the practice on 9/17/2001, 15 years ago with 1 dental treatment room, 1 employee and 4 patients (me, Helyne, Alexa and Jake).? We have grown over the years by putting our patients first.? An unmatched patient experience and the highest quality, cutting edge dental treatment have been our trademarks.? We have evolved from our humble beginnings to our current iteration ? 4 doctors, 15 employees and 4 treatment rooms and over two thousand patients.? This move allows us to continue to serve our patients and do so much more.? We feel quality dental care in a caring environment with the patient?s comfort and well-being coming first and foremost are what we deliver better than anything else.? We love treating patients of all ages and bringing smiles to as many people as possible.? This move allows us the space to broaden our reach.? The location allows us to serve Salem (where we have not made many inroads).? We are excited to have new equipment and all the latest state of the art treatments available for our patient?s.? We also are excited that we can help or team members grow and reach new levels of responsibility and autonomy in their work.? When our team and doctors are excited to come to work and help our patients, the feeling is infectious.? This move allows us to have continued growth and the ability to impact and help more patients and to improve the quality of our team member?s lives.


What services will you offer at the new location?

We offer everything except braces.? We provide dentistry for the whole family.

Dr. Christina Pastan is a root canal specialist (endodontist) who is as compassionate and caring as she is meticulous and talented.

Dr. Helyne Hamelburg is a gum and implant specialist (periodontologist).? She provides treatment to stop gum disease and make your mouth healthy.? She saves teeth and prevents damage to your entire mouth.? If a tooth must be lost, she places implants that allow us to replace the tooth so you never realize it was lost.

Dr. Stephen Hamelburg and Dr. Louis Deluke are both general dentists who provide restorative services.? We fill cavities and fix broken teeth.? We also make removable partial and full dentures.? Our crowns are made in the office using a state of the art CAD/CAM system to mill your crown out of an ingot of ceramic porcelain and you leave with the final crown in a single visit!

We fabricate occlusal guards to prevent damage from grinding and prevent TMJ disease. We have 3 whitening systems so we can meet your individual cosmetic needs. We also love ceramic veneers which brighten and beautify your smile. We offer a fluoride protocol which can reduce sensitivity and cavities by as much as 70%! We have a hygiene department that offers routine cleanings for healthy mouths and nonsurgical gum treatments to prevent the worsening of incipient gum problems.


Are there any benefits for your patients?

Paradise Dental offers state of the art treatment facility with the latest techniques and materials. We provide the best patient experience with amenities to offer. We make sure your visit with us is comfortable for you with, blankets, individual entertainment in each room, warm spa mittens for hand treatment and neck pillows. Our new location will offer?extended hours from 7am ? 8pm and Saturdays for those who get out of work late!


What sets Paradise Dental apart?

Our never-ending commitment to making every visit to our office the best dental experience you have ever had.? Our team works to answer all your questions, solve all your problems, increase your comfort level and provide as close to painless dentistry as possible.

Now accepting New Patients, with extended hours of 7am-8pm?and Saturdays for your convenience. ?

New Location: coming in October- book your appointment!

Paradise Dental Associates?

142A Canal Street

Salem, MA 01970

(781) 598-3700 ?


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