Duramax Extraoral Suction System at Paradise Dental


Paradise Dental Associates is constantly taking steps to improve the quality of our care and the safety of our patients and staff. The main focus of our recent technology additions has been to eliminate germs from our surfaces and air. Our new Duramax Extraoral Suction System is crucial in our fight to stop the spread of infection during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Learn more about this technology before your next visit!

What is Duramax? 

Duramax technology is an aerosol suction system that eliminates contaminants produced during dental procedures. Potential contaminants include saliva, blood, dust, and viruses. Its Quattro layer filtration system effectively kills 99.9% of viruses & bacteria! This keeps our office consistently safe and clean. 

Six Step System

The Duramax Extraoral Suction System has six steps of filtration to bring the cleanest air to our office. The filtration process includes the following steps: 

  1. Primary Filter: Eliminates aerosol & droplets from the air. 
  2. Secondary Filter: Eliminates blood & aerosol. 
  3. HEPA Filter: Eliminates miniscule viruses & bacteria (Size 0.3m 99.97%). 
  4. Activated Carbon Filter: Eliminates odor. 
  5. Germicidal Lamp UV-C: Kills viruses & bacteria. 
  6. Clean Air! 

Benefits of Duramax

Our Duramax system offers health and convenience benefits for our patients and staff. The Duramax machine is compact and portable, keeping it out of the way during your appointment. It comes with a remote, and reaches ten levels of power control according to the situation. Our staff is trained and excited to use this technology! 

Safety at Paradise Dental

Thanks to our Duramax machine, Surgically Clean Air, and more health and safety measures, Paradise Dental is ready to treat you! We have full confidence in the safety of our patients and staff, and you can too. Book an appointment now or call us with any questions or concerns 781-598-3700.

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