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Early Signs of Dental Trouble

Early Signs Of Dental Trouble

It’s no secret that oral health is a significant part of our overall health and once dental trouble starts, it’s immediate and painful. There are a few common dental problems that can arise, simply due to not keeping up with without your continued dental care from your dental office. Unfortunately, a percentage of people will wait until they have a problem until they seek any care at all. What was once a small problem is now an issue that needs to be dealt with immediately. When people come to the dentist looking for emergency dental services, chances are the problem has been there for some time. Here are some of the early signs of dental trouble and what they could be associated with.

1. Bad breath

Bad breath isn’t something anyone wants and it can be embarrassing. Some of the top dental problems that can cause bad breath (even after brushing, flossing, & using mouthwash) could be gum disease, cavities, oral cancer, or bacteria on your tongue.

2. Tooth decay

When any of your teeth start to decay, or you get a cavity, it can cause a lot of dental problems/symptoms. Tooth decay is from when plaque forms on your teeth and then combines with the sugars and foods that you eat. That combination then starts to attack the tooth. Tooth decay or cavities aren’t just for children – this can happen to adults as well.

3. Gum (periodontal) disease

Gum disease is what it sounds like – an infection in your gums. It’s very common and is one of the largest causes of tooth loss in adults. Symptoms for gum disease is bad breath, red/swollen gums, bleeding gums, or painful chewing.

4. Mouth sores

Mouth sores can be pesky, not go away easily, and can even be painful. If you have mouth sores that last over two weeks, then it’s something to consult your doctor about.

5. Teeth sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is when you have pain or discomfort when eating anything hot or cold. This can be a sign of a cracked tooth or weakening enamel if this is the case it needs to be treated by a dentist so you don’t get an infection in your jaw or lose your tooth.

6. Toothaches

Most toothaches can be avoided by seeing your dentist regularly. Toothaches can be caused by a broken or cracked tooth, or an abscessed tooth.

If you want to avoid any dental trouble and the lingering effects that dental problems can create, it’s best to see your dentist on a consistent basis. Your dentist can identify dental problems before they become an emergency issue. Dealing with the small issues as they arise will not only save your teeth, overall oral and physical health but, will also save your wallet.

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