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Emergency Dentistry In Salem, MA

Experiencing sudden, intense tooth pain or losing a tooth in an accident can be traumatic and unsettling. On top of the emotional and physical pain you may be experiencing, you now are faced with the problem of finding someone who offers emergency dentistry and can see you the same day.

The team at Paradise Dental Associates has seen this scenario play out time and time again. In the unfortunate event that you need an emergency dentist in Salem, MA, we’re happy to accommodate you!

Common Dental Emergencies We Treat

While mild tooth sensitivity can wait a few days for an exam, other problems may require urgent care to prevent losing a tooth or enduring extreme pain.

If you’re experiencing any of these common dental emergencies, you’ll want to see a dentist or endodontist:

    • Toothaches: An intense toothache may be a sign of a serious problem. We suggest seeing our emergency dentist if your tooth pain prevents you from normal daily activities like eating or going to work.
    • Abscessed Teeth: Not only are dental abscesses painful, but the infection can spread quickly without endodontic therapy (root canal treatment.)
    • Broken or Chipped Tooth: Broken teeth are extremely sensitive and need prompt treatment to protect the tooth from pain, further deterioration, and infection.
    • Tooth Avulsion (Knocked Out Teeth): While we cannot always save a knocked out tooth, our emergency dentistry team will do everything we can to put it back in place. Endodontic treatment will usually be necessary.
    • Broken Fillings: When an old filling falls out, teeth are especially prone to fractures. Our emergency dentist in Salem can quickly repair the filling and preserve your tooth.
    • Crown or Bridge Falling Off: Our dentists will quickly fix your tooth to help restore your smile.
    • Denture Repairs: Whether you have full or partial removable dentures, we offer urgent repairs when you need them.
    • Swollen Gums: Periodontal infections can cause serious pain and facial swelling if left untreated.
    • Bleeding: Recurring or unstoppable bleeding requires immediate treatment by an emergency dentistry team or medical facility.

Abscessed Tooth? Need an Endodontist? Call Our Family Dentists

Some tooth infections are so severe that they spread to the gums and even the bone surrounding the infected tooth. When this happens, pus accumulates in the tooth root and forms a dental abscess.

An endodontist or dentist will perform endodontic therapy to save your tooth. During a root canal, we treat the inside of your tooth, remove the infection, and then seal it off to prevent new infection or pain. Despite what you may have heard, a root canal is not that painful, especially considering the tooth pain is caused by the dental abscess that your dentist or endodontist is removing.

Same Day Emergency Dentistry Care Available

Finding an emergency dentist on short notice can seem impossible, but that’s not the case at Paradise Dental Associates. We intentionally reserve time slots throughout the day for dental emergencies to ensure our patients get the immediate attention that they need.

If you need to see an emergency dentist, call our office today.

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