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Severe tooth pain can be one of the most painful experiences someone goes through. Not only does it limit your ability to eat, but it often can keep you awake at night and cause constant discomfort throughout the day. Tooth pain is often caused by severe bacterial infection or serious damage to a tooth. When this is the case, the structure and health of your tooth become compromised and without timely professional treatment, there is a high chance that the affected tooth may die and require extraction. However, to save a tooth that has been so severely damaged, our practice offers effective root canal treatment in Salem, MA by a certified endodontist. Root canals are designed to cleanse infection from the inside of a tooth and restore the damage so that it can function properly and without pain. Being treated by a specialist ensures your root canal is performed with care and precision for optimal results.

Symptoms That Often Lead to a Root Canal

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How Our Root Canals are Performed

Root canals often have a negative connotation by patients as something that is painful, but in truth, our root canal treatments are virtually pain-free and end tooth pain entirely! The pain you feel is from the infection or damage inside the tooth structure. Our root canal process involves numbing the treatment area so you feel no discomfort, then gently accessing the inside through the crown of the tooth. Our endodontist will remove the infected, damaged pulp inside the tooth and cleanse the tooth canals to allow for proper healing. A biocompatible material called gutta-percha will be placed inside the tooth to restore structure and the tooth will be capped with a dental crown to protect the integrity of the restored tooth. Once the crown is in place, you’ll be able to use your tooth like normal and finally be free of tooth pain.

Free Yourself of Tooth Pain!

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