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No Teeth? No Problem!

We Restore Complete Smiles

Missing teeth are no laughing matter—especially when you’re missing all of them. You don’t want to laugh, smile, or even speak when you have no teeth. Further, you aren’t able to eat anything but the softest foods. If you’ve lost all of your teeth, or will soon lose your remaining teeth to decay, we want you to know that you can laugh and smile without becoming embarrassed, speak without slurring your words, and eat your favorite foods or anything you want. Full arch dental implants restore all the beauty and function of your mouth and give you an unparalleled new level of confidence. With full arch dental implants, you get all of your natural teeth replaced; implant posts act as anchors in place of your tooth roots and dental crowns or bridges as the visible, above-the-gumline part of the tooth. Paradise Dental Associates is renowned for restoring complete smiles. We invite you to see what we can do for yours!

Life After Full Arch Restoration

full arch dental implants patient eating
Full arch dental implants model

Restoring Full Arch Dental Implants

Drs. Stephen and Helyne Hamelburg are both extensively trained and experienced in providing restoration of full arch dental implants. For placement, we coordinate care with another trusted provider—usually an oral surgeon, who can keep you pain- and stress-free with general anesthesia throughout the entire procedure. Full arch cases can be completed with as few as four posts in each of your jaws. Once your post sites have healed, you’ll be able to receive your restorations right here at our Salem, MA office. This means a full set of teeth comprised of shiny, strong, authentic-looking dental crowns or bridges. No one will know you have anything but gorgeous, real teeth! We affix your restoration to the posts using abutments, which can keep them firmly in place for a lifetime. With proper care, permanent perfect teeth are possible!

Ready to smile fully? The next step is up to you!

full arch dental implants patient smiling