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Holiday Promotion: Glo Whitening

Holiday Promotion- Glo Whitening

The stress of holiday shopping does not get any less daunting from year to year. The stress of full stores, long lines, and empty shelves are overwhelming. Online shopping seems more manageable, but shipping can be an absolute nightmare during the holiday season! Luckily, Paradise Dental can provide an incredible gift without the hassle of shopping and shipping! 

Paradise Dental is happy to offer $75 off Glo Whitening this holiday season for you to gift to your loved ones! If you book Glo Whitening the week of December 20th, you can receive $100 off! 

What is Glo Whitening?

GLO Whitening is one of the best personal teeth whitening devices in the industry. GLO uses Guided Light Optics® (G.L.O.) technology to accelerate your results. It consists of a special gel combined with unique, patented heat and light technology to brighten up your smile. Per the words of GLO themselves, “Special heat resistors and light reflectors inside the mouthpiece direct the energy of gentle warming heat and safe 470nm LED light into the whitening gel, speeding up the whitening process by energizing the hydrogen peroxide formulation, surrounding each tooth with more whitening power and leading to faster results.” GLO is easy to use on your own at home and, because comfort is our main concern, it will cause little to no heightened sensitivity or discomfort during use. 

How Do You Use It?

It only takes four simple steps!

  1. Apply the GLO Lip treatment to your lips
  2. Squeeze a small bead of GLO VIal gel, about half the size of a pea, onto the applicator tip
  3. Using the applicator, brush a thin layer of gel onto only the front of your top and bottom teeth.
  4. Insert mouthpiece and turn it on. The whitening treatment will last 8 minutes and turn off automatically when it is complete. 

For the best outcome, complete three consecutive applications each day for one week or until desired results are achieved.

Why GLO Whitening?

GLO Whitening makes an incredible gift for loved ones because you will be bringing confidence back into their stunning smile. Rather than wasting time and money on a drug store whitening kit, you can see the real difference when you use GLO Whitening in just one week! 

Call Paradise Dental Today! 

If you are interested in bringing back a loved one’s beautiful, confident smile this holiday season, make sure to give Paradise Dental a call today for more information!

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