How to Make the Most Out of Your Dental Insurance Coverage

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In our office, Jessica is the authority on patient benefits. She is often contacting our patients to inform them of unused benefits that would otherwise go to waste if not used by end of the year. She urges everyone with Dental Benefits to, “Book your treatment and use up those dollars, ASAP!”

Whether it is provided by your employer or something you pay for out of pocket, dental insurance is a great asset to your oral health, especially if you take advantage of your yearly coverage. The dental care staff at Paradise Dental Associates wants to make sure every single patient gets the most and best treatment possible from their insurance plan! That’s why we created this easy guide for you to get the most out of your dental insurance plan’s coverage. Check out these tips and book your next appointment today. 

Keep an Eye on the Calendar

Most insurance plans run on a yearly coverage basis. This means that if you don’t use up the annual benefits your plan has to offer by the end of the calendar year, they don’t roll over – They disappear. Look into your coverage plan to see exactly what is covered in a year, and plan your visits accordingly. 

Know Your Plan Options

If your dental insurance is through work, ask your Human Resources point of contact about which plans are offered and what your deductible is for each. Look through the plans in detail, and don’t be afraid to ask questions before signing on. 

Look into Your Coverage Before Booking

If you need a specialty procedure such as a root canal, gum grafting, or tooth implant, check with your insurance to see what part of it they will cover. Some plans will cover the entire procedure, partial, or none at all. It is best to be prepared! 

Choose Your Doctors Wisely

Despite some insurances only offering a limited selection of covered practices, you can still research into the options available and make the best choice for your needs. You want to choose a dental practice with experienced and reputable doctors. If you know you tend to need specialty care, try to find a practice that offers the services you anticipate. 

Finding a Multi-Specialty Family Practice

Paradise Dental Associates, LLC in Salem, MA is staffed with knowledgeable doctors & oral healthcare professionals who have the ability to treat needs across the board. We specialize in CEREC dental crowns, Pinhole gum procedures, sleep apnea, pediatric dentistry, and more. Paradise Dental’s state of the art practice keeps up with the most advanced technology and latest industry innovations to bring you top-quality dental care. 

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