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How Your Phone can Lead to Better Brushing!

A bluetooth capable toothbrush has been released by Oral B. The SmartSeries 7000 is a Bluetooth 4.0-enabled toothbrush that connects to a free app on your phone. It tracks how often you?re brushing, how long you’re brushing, whether or not you?re doing it right, and if your brushing habits have improved over time. It?s main technique is to distract the user with articles, facts, tips, events and weather forecasts on the app while they?re brushing. This helps to keep them brushing for the full recommended time of 2 minutes.

This toothbrush comes complete with replaceable brush heads, a charger, a travel case, and 6 customizable modes; including a tongue cleaning mode. Just open up the app, begin brushing, and the stopwatch on the app will start counting up to 2 minutes. Every 30 seconds it will prompt you to move to a new quadrant of teeth, showing a highlighted diagram of the human mouth. It even allows you to add time to quadrants that your dentist suggests you focus more on.

After brushing, the app shows a happy face and data about your brushing. It will also ask you if you?ve flossed and rinsed with mouthwash, and then you can then check your statistics for the day, week or month. There is also an ?achievements? section where you can earn achievements for things such as brushing for 7 days in a row after lunch, or creating a consistent brushing routine. Forgot your phone when brushing your teeth? No problem. The toothbrush stores up to 20 brushing sessions that can be paired to the app when connected again. This toothbrush gives a “dentist clean feel”?and allows you to customize the preset brushing programs; who could have guessed brushing your teeth could be so high tech?!

  • Focuses – It has unique adjustable settings that help you brush the most important areas.
  • Tracks – It tracks your progress over time with graphs and charts.
  • Motivates – It helps with reminders, recommendations, and rewards.
  • Senses – It has a pressure sensor alert that lets you know when you?re brushing too hard.

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