Myths and Facts About Root Canal Treatment

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Does root canal scare you? Over the years, this treatment has gotten a bad reputation due to a sheer number of misconceptions about it. While root canals are something that many people should try to avoid, they do not deserve the reputation that they receive. Root canals can help save your tooth and eliminate the need for a more in-depth procedure such as dental implant. Here is a list of the common myths about this procedure.

Root Canal Treatment is painful

You may have heard stories about how painful it is, but the truth is that most of the discomfort associated with it actually comes from the infection that it is designated to treat.

Root Canal Treatment “kills” the tooth

Root Canal cleans and disinfects the inside of a tooth. It allows it to heal rather than damaging it even further.

It’s always better to have tooth extraction

Saving your natural teeth is a better option in most cases, as it helps maintain the structure of the jaw and the surrounding teeth.

Root Canal Treatment takes forever

It usually only takes one or two appointments to complete a root canal. The exact length depends on the severity and how complex your condition is and how many teeth are to be treated.

A tooth with Root Canal Treatment will eventually need extraction later

If your tooth is properly cleaned and restored, you practice good oral hygiene, and go to regular checkups, your natural tooth could last a lifetime.

Root Canal Treatment means removing the roots of the tooth

When the roots of your tooth are removed, you will not have a tooth anymore.

Dental crown causes the need for Root Canal Treatment

Although Root Canal Treatment might be required before placing a dental crown, the need for it is only determined by whether or not the pulp is infected.

It is important to consult with a qualified dental professional to address any concerns or questions about root canal treatment.

At Paradise Dental Associates, we offer gentle and effective root canal treatments that can alleviate tooth pain and restore the health of your teeth. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Schedule an appointment with us to learn more about root canal treatment.

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