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Oraverse – The Key to Reversing Novocaine!

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Here at Paradise Dental, we understand the aggravation caused by Novocaine. Leaving the dentist after a procedure and having a numb cheek, lip or tongue can be very annoying; which is why we offer Oraverse. After a procedure requiring Novocaine, one way to limit the ?numbing time? is to have a dose of Oraverse administered. Oraverse is a Novocain antidote and reduces the ?numbing time? by up to half! Oraverse is administered through injection, but since you?re already numb from the Novocaine, you won’t feel it at all!

We specialize in things like reversing numbness so our patients can enjoy their dental experience. They can leave our office with the benefit of being able to talk, drink, eat, etc. a lot sooner! If you know anyone that is tired of the same old dental experience, send them to us! This is another way we are delivering the highest quality of care at Paradise Dental Associates!

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