Our Executive Leadership Summit Trip to Orlando, Florida


A few weeks ago, our team traveled to Jay Geier?s Scheduling Institute for their annual Leadership Seminar, and while we had an?amazing?time there, we also had the opportunity to get a lot of planning done for the year!

Jay Geier?s Scheduling Institute is the premier training facility for dental professionals. During training, we had the opportunity to recreate some of our processes and focus on ways we can better help our patient. We care for each one of our patients individually, and having the ability to enhance ourselves for the greater good of others was an amazing opportunity. ?Check out what our Chief Operating Officer, Bri Harding, had to say about our trip:

?The scheduling Institutes Leadership Seminar was so insightful and motivational. They encourage you to become a better and stronger person not only in your professional life but in your personal life as well. This high-level training enables our team to take the Doctor?s vision for the practice and make it a reality.?

?And Time For Some Fun, Too!

While at the conference, Dr. Stephen won the ultimate golden ticket and had the opportunity to go to the Super Bowl! On top of this amazing chance in itself, he also got to fly out directly from Orlando on Jay Geier?s private plane! ?While Dr. Stephen headed to the Super Bowl, Dr. Helyne treated the girls to a fun day at Epcot.

We are so excited to share all of what we learned and bring the best level of patient care to you!


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