Our Sterilization Process

sterilization room

Here at Paradise Dental, we are very excited about our state of the art sterilization area. We use an 11 step process to ensure our instruments are thoroughly sanitized and to maximize efficiency and minimize risk. We keep this sanitation area open, with protection of a glass wall, to show our patients our sterilization techniques and cleanliness. Everything in our sterilization area is hands-free, and can be operated with a foot pedal.

Sterilization and infection control in the dental office is essential for the safety of patients. With the advances in dental processing equipment, it has allowed our practice to use safer sanitizing processes.

With these procedures, we can ensure to avoid any transmission of infectious agents among patients and dental care personnel. We clean all of our instruments, and then leave them in a sterilizer to dry completely. We make sure all of the instruments are completely dry before packaging them in order to prevent tears or punctures in the sterilization pouches. We package the instruments in sterilization pouches in order to maintain their sterility until they are used. We then store them in closed cabinets and drawers to avoid moisture.

Here at Paradise Dental, we are extremely proud of our sterilization process in our office. With these practices, we are currently meeting and exceeding CDC requirements for sterilization. We take pride in being able to offer our patients the best care they deserve, using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques.


Click here for more info on Dental CDC standards

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