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Overcoming Dental Fear

Overcoming Dental Fear

Fear of the dentist is incredibly common and nothing to be ashamed of. It could be caused by a bad experience, loud noises, or because it has been a long time since they saw their dentist last. Dental fear can range from apprehension about going to the dentist to complete fear and refusal to go. Because dental care is crucial to your health and well-being, finding solutions and remedies to overcome the dentist’s fear is essential. Here, we will go over dental fear and the importance of finding coping mechanisms to overcome it. 

What is Dental Fear?

There are an estimated 15% of people that struggle with dental fear. Dental fear is the phobia of seeing your dentist, and it can range from mild fear to absolutely crippling. The cause of this fear is different in every case; it could be fear of needles, the sound, the pain, or be due to a bad experience with another dentist. Symptoms of this fear include sleeplessness the night before an appointment, feeling ill the day of, panicking, hyperventilating, or even crying when you walk into the office. 

Overcoming Dental Fear

Follow along for some tips from professionals to assist you in overcoming your dental fears. 

Acknowledging Your Fear

When you acknowledge your fear of the dentist, you can start taking steps to overcome it. Once you have admitted your fear and realized that it is valid, you can begin to figure out what course of action is best for you to take. You must recognize your dental professionals are ready and equipped with all of the necessary tools and knowledge to help work with you and alleviate your fears. 

Calming Techniques

Whether it is taking time to take deep breaks or talking out loud that helps calm you and your nerves, your dental professional will work with you using the techniques that work best for you. They will encourage you and support you until you are ready to continue with your procedure. 


If you know that distraction is the best form of overcoming your fear in the moment, use it! Whether it be putting on a show or blasting music through headphones, your dentist will be able to accommodate. 

Paradise Dental Associates 

Here at Paradise Dental Associates, we pride ourselves on taking all of the extra necessary steps to ensure our patient’s comfort. We fully understand the nature of dental fear and will work with you in any way possible to assist in the overcoming of your fears. That is why we offer our comfort menu to those who may be feeling nervous in our office. You can choose from refreshments, heated hand treatments, neck pillows, specific TV or radio stations, warm face cloths, and blankets, depending on what will help you feel the most comfortable. No matter who you are or what you are coming in for, it is always our goal to create an experience that you will not find at any other dental office. For more information regarding dental fear, contact our expert dental professionals today at 781-230-7086.

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