Overdentures Denture Implants

Overdentures Denture Implants

Do you want to quickly replace all your teeth? Do you already wear a denture and want something more secure? Overdentures are a type of denture implants that look like traditional dentures but have 2-4 implants underneath for extra security during the day. They’re still removable at night, but they’re fitted to your supporting implants to prevent them from rocking, rubbing, or moving during the day.

How do Overdentures Work?

Some people call them “snap-on” or “clip-on” dentures. Implant supported dentures are worn over implants instead of creating a suction between the prosthesis and your gum tissues.

Each prosthetic will have two locators on the underside that can be used to attach to the corresponding dental implants. These fittings offer the same convenience and affordability as a traditional “plate” but provide additional stability throughout the day. On occasion, newer dentures can be retrofitted into an implant-supported plate. See our Dental Implant FAQ for more helpful information. 

The Implant Installation Process

Having dental implants installed is a straightforward, comfortable process. Our Salem dentists will gently numb that area of your mouth (sedation is available upon request) and create an extremely small opening in the gum tissues. After the implants are installed, they will either be fitted with a same-day attachment or allowed to integrate for a few months, then have the attachments fitted at a separate appointment.

What Makes Them Different?

Unlike All-on-4 implant treatment, implant supported dentures are not intended to be worn while you sleep. It will still be necessary to remove it at night. The advantage is that they tend to be more affordable than fixed All-on-4 systems, as they offer a middle-range alternative between full arch rehabilitation and conventional dentures.

Since dentures normally set directly on top of gum tissues, implant-supported appliances prevent any movement or chafing. Once the denture is snapped into place, it doesn’t come out until you remove it at the end of the day.

Benefits of Implant-Supported Dentures

Overdentures eliminate uncomfortable dentures or the need for messy adhesives. They won’t rub your mouth or slip out of place at inopportune times. You can wear them with confidence, knowing that they’ll get you comfortably through each day.

What Maintenance is Required, if Any?

Implant supported dentures are easy to clean and maintain. They can be taken care of in the same manner as any other partial or denture, soaking them in a cleanser overnight and brushing them clean the next morning.

On occasion, the locators underneath the denture will need to be replaced to ensure a secure fit. This maintenance process is simple and affordable.

We recommend visiting our Salem dentists regularly to have your mouth examined—including an oral cancer exam—and to have your overdentures evaluated. If they need to be adjusted or relined, we can do so to extend the life of the prosthesis.

“Can I Get Permanent Implants Later On?”

If you ever decide to upgrade your prosthesis in the future, that’s no problem. Paradise Dental Associates can work with you to add additional implants for a fixed, hybrid All-on-4 or All-on-6 style appliance. These implant designs are a permanent treatment that’s more streamlined than snap-on dentures. All we would need to do is add additional implants (if needed) and change out the abutments on top of each one, so that they match up with the full-arch system instead.

Candidates for Overdentures

Our Salem dentists will discuss whether or not overdentures are right for you. We’ll first check that your gums and jaws are healthy enough for implants to be installed. Even if you don’t qualify for a fixed permanent treatment, an implant-supported denture is usually still an option.

Since an overdenture only requires 2-4 implants, candidates for don’t qualify for All-on-4 can still qualify for a snap-on appliance. We’ll just be more selective about where the implants are installed, especially if your bone isn’t as dense in certain parts of your jaw.

Be Good to Yourself

Implants keep your denture in place so you can enjoy the foods you love and communicate clearly. You will be grateful that you made the investment, especially when you feel confident smiling around friends or laughing around new colleagues.

Transitioning from traditional “plates” to an implant-supported denture can help you feel more confident about day-to-day activities. Especially if you’ve always struggled with a loose denture or one that you’re constantly struggling to keep in place.

Denture Implants in Salem MA

Paradise Dental Associates can help you determine if overdentures/implant-supported dentures are right for your needs. Contact our dentists in Salem today to request a no-obligation exam to learn more.

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