Paradise Dental: Ahead of the Curve

As officials develop new information on the COVID-19 virus, big changes are happening across the dental industry. This includes heightened  sanitation measures, social distancing guidelines, and innovative technology upgrades. We are proud to say that many advanced technology recommendations are ones that we have already practiced for years at Paradise Dental!

Meeting and Exceeding Requirements

We are going above and beyond the requirements and recommendations released by the CDC and other official health organizations to keep our staff and patients safe. This includes state of the art dental sanitation technology, advanced PPE, and strict social distancing measures.

Surgically Clean Air

Paradise Dental?s dental suites utilize Surgically Clean Air, a medical-grade air filtration system. With this high frequency system, every cubic foot of air undergoes four filters and a six stage filtration process in order to produce air free from contaminants. This machine is used every 30 minutes to ensure consistently clean air.

Duramax Extraoral Suction System

Paradise Dental?s advanced technology also includes a Duramax Extraoral Suction System. The Duramax machine contains a six step air filtration system that removes viral & bacterial contaminants from the air through aerosol suctioning. More contaminants eliminated with this system include blood, saliva, and dirt.

Increased PPE

Our practice has always included protective gear for our staff, including disposable gloves, face masks, and fluid resistant scrub jackets. We are now also utilizing Level 3 ATSM masks, KN95 masks, and N95 masks, as well as protective goggles and full face shields for our staff. On top of their usual sanitary scrubs, staff is now wearing disposable body suits.

Instrument Sterilization

Our instrument sterilization system is state of the art and includes an 11 step process to ensure all instruments are thoroughly and completely clean. The entire sterilization area at Paradise Dental is hands free and exceeds CDC guidelines.

Leading the Way?

Doctors Stephen and?Helyne Hamelburg have been ahead of the curve since?the start, and they are thrilled to be able to use this expertise to help lead the dental industry to the safest COVID-19 measures. The Doctors?took part in the Metropolitan Dental District Open Forum discussion in May, sharing best practices for implementing new advanced sanitation technologies and procedures. We are proud to share that they are setting the?example for reopening, implementing new protocols, recommendations, and guidelines as leading industry experts.

Your Safety at Paradise Dental

We have always focused on preventing the spread of infection, no matter the world climate or current events. With our existing advanced technology and our increased sanitation and social distancing measures, we can say with confidence that our office is one of the safest places you can be. If you are in need of dental attention, COVID-19 is no reason to neglect your oral health. Stay safe and healthy and make your appointment with Doctors Stephen and?Helyne Hamelburg at Paradise Dental! 781-598-3700

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