Paradise Dental as a Candy Collection Center


Starting on November 1st, Paradise Dental will be a collection center for Halloween candy, in accordance with C.A.P.T.S. We will be joined by the Marblehead Police Department, whose department building will act as another collection center. Community service, as well as supporting our Veterans, has been an ongoing commitment of ours. This weekend, on November 4th, we are holding our 2nd Annual Free Day of Dental.

C.A.P.T.S is a non-profit organization out of Marblehead, Massachusetts, and they work extremely hard to create and send care packages to our troops. They go the further step and make sure that these packages really give a home-like comforting feel, by providing food, books, personal care items and other comforts.

Learn more about them and the work we?ve done with C.A.P.T.S today, and please pass the word, as we have a few more spots open for advanced treatment with our specialty doctors!


candy collection

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