A Year in Review at Paradise Dental Associates

We deeply value our community, our staff, and our relationship with our clients at Paradise Dental Associates. We love being able to look back on what we do as a team throughout the year. Though the world is still not completely back to normal, we are looking forward to new beginnings for our community, patients, and staff. These are a few highlights from 2021 so far, and we look forward to what the rest of the year will bring to Paradise Dental!

Administrative Professional's Day

Our staff celebrated Administrative Professional’s Day! We cannot thank our administrative staff enough for the hard work and dedication they bring to the team every single day. We sincerely appreciate them on this day and everyday! 

We Attended CrossFit

Our team went to an intense CrossFit workout together! We had such a great time trying something new together. What a fun way to have a safe outing. 

Lindsay Got Accepted!

One of our lovely dental assistants, Lindsay, got accepted to get her Degree in Dental Hygiene! Congratulations Lindsay, we are so proud to see you growing in this field!

Hilary is Engaged!

One of our wonderful dental assistants, Hilary, got engaged! Congratulations Hilary, we wish you both all the best!

The Tables Have Turned

Dr. Stephen Hamelburg took a seat in his own chair! No need to worry, Lindsay took great care of him.