A Year in Review at Paradise Dental Associates

We deeply value our community, our staff, and our relationship with our clients at Paradise Dental Associates. We love being able to look back on what we do as a team throughout the year. Though the world is still not completely back to normal, we are looking forward to new beginnings for our community, patients, and staff. These are a few highlights from 2021 so far, and we look forward to what the rest of the year will bring to Paradise Dental!

Holiday Yankee Swap

Drs Stephen and Helyne surprised our staff with a Yankee Swap full of incredible gifts.  We were also treated to some Chipotle Mexican Grill catering and an ice cream sundae bar! On top of all that we had our holiday cookie swap. To say we were stuffed would be an understatement! We are so lucky to be a part of this team led by two wonderful people who truly care about their staff and their patients. Thanks again Dr. Stephen and Dr. Helyne! (or should we say Mr. & Mrs. Claus)

Paradise Dental Staff Yankee Swap
Paradise Dental Staff eating Chipotle
Paradise Dental Staff swapping cookies
holiday presents for yankee swap

Thanksgiving Potluck

We are so beyond thankful for the incredible staff and wonderful patients we have here at Paradise Dental! We loved enjoying a

delicious Thanksgiving Potluck meal together. 

Paradise Dental Thanksgiving Meal
Company Thanksgiving Meal
People at Thanksgiving buffet

Leadership Conference

The Leadership Team took a trip to Atlanta to attend Culture Fest.  It happened to be the week of Halloween so we had a little fun with the costumes.  

Of course, we had to represent our city of Salem.  What fun!

20 Year Anniversary

In October 2021, Paradise Dental Associates celebrated our 20th anniversary! We are so unbelievably appreciative of our patients and staff.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Here’s to 20 more! 

Paradise Dental 20th Anniversary

Dental Assistant Appreciation Day

We are so lucky to have such an incredible team of dental assistants here at Paradise Dental! We appreciate them today and every day!

Dental Assistant Appreciation
toothbrush shaped chocolate chip cookies

Paradise Dental’s Annual Clambake

We had so much fun eating, dancing, and playing games at this year’s annual clam bake! Thank you to our awesome hygienist

 Katie and her husband Alex for hosting and to to Dr. Stephen and Dr. Helyne for providing the delicious meals! 

Paradise Dental team at annual clam bake
Dr. Hylene Hamelburg smiling with a baby
plate of lobster, corn on the cob, and hot butter
Paradise Dental team at annual clambake
woman holding up lobster

Ice Cream Truck Visit

Our doctors treated our team to as much ice cream as we wished at our August monthly staff meeting!
Paradise Dental Team at ice cream truck

Drs. Stephen And Helyne’s 30th Wedding Anniversary​

We are so happy to wish Drs. Stephen and Helyne a very happy 30th Wedding Anniversary!

Drs Stephen and Hylene 30th anniversary

Paint Night Event

The Doctors treated our team to a fun night of painting, socializing, and getting our creative juices flowing.

Volunteered with Northeast ARC

Volunteer Event with our favorite ladies from Northeast ARC. We had fun painting and decorating treasure boxes. 

It’s always a great time when spent with these friends!


Administrative Professional's Day

Our staff celebrated Administrative Professional’s Day! We cannot thank our administrative staff enough for the hard work and dedication they

bring to the team every single day. We sincerely appreciate them on this day and everyday! 


We Attended CrossFit

Our team went to an intense CrossFit workout together! We had such a great time trying something new together. What a fun way to have a safe outing. 

Paradise dental team at crossfit
Paradise dental team at crossfit
Paradise dental team at crossfit

Lindsay Got Accepted!

One of our lovely dental assistants, Lindsay, got accepted to get her Degree in Dental Hygiene! Congratulations Lindsay,

we are so proud to see you growing in this field!

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Hilary is Engaged!

One of our wonderful dental assistants, Hilary, got engaged! Congratulations Hilary, we wish you both all the best!


The Tables Have Turned

Dr. Stephen Hamelburg took a seat in his own chair! No need to worry, Lindsay took great care of him. 

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