A Year in Review at Paradise Dental Associates

Paradise Dental has always had a strong dedication to our surrounding community, staff, and exceptional patients. We are happy to walk into our office every single day to be surrounded by such incredible people. Here at Paradise, we celebrate everything, from small victories to huge milestones. We are happy to share a look back at our year in 2022 as a team and as a family! 

Volunteered with Northeast Arc

We met with our Northeast Arc family for a wonderful pizza party and crafts! It is always a great time with people we love! 

Paradise Dental and Northeast Arc teams

April Fools!

Things got a little sticky around the office this April Fools Day..

IMG_2599 (1)

St. Patrick's Day Fun!

We heard that a green apple a day keeps the dentist away! 

St. Patrick's Day at paradise dental
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