Pinhole® Gum Surgery in Salem, MA

Salem-Ma-Pinhole-procedure-soft-tissue-treatment Pinhole® Gum Surgery In Salem, MA

Are you a candidate for pinhole® gum surgery? Are you starting to notice exposed root surfaces, sensitive teeth, or “long” teeth? You might have gum recession. Receding gums can come from things like periodontal disease, brushing your teeth too hard or grinding your teeth because of stress or sleep apnea.

This condition exposes your roots, which can cause excessive sensitivity and aesthetic concerns. You are also at greater risk for tooth decay due to the exposed areas of weaker tooth structure. Consequently, the bone around the teeth also becomes weak, jeopardizing the overall stability of your smile.

Traditional gum grafting used to be the only option for repairing areas of gingival recession. Today, a less invasive alternative known as Pinhole gum rejuvenation® is preferred.

Pinhole® Gum Surgery for Receding Gums

Former gum grafting methods involved removing an area of tissue from your palate (roof of the mouth) and transplanting it into the area of concern. This predictable treatment unfortunately required a painful and lengthy recovery time.

Pinhole gum rejuvenation® is a gentler and minimally-invasive procedure. It is quicker to perform and causes minimal discomfort with little recovery time.

The Pinhole® gum treatment technique is named for its’ tiny opening, essentially eliminating the need for invasive surgical techniques or sutures. Most patients feel like themselves again within a day or two, and visible results are immediately evident.

What Happens During Pinhole® Gum Treatment?

To perform a Pinhole® procedure, our Salem dentist will make a small, pinhole-sized opening in your gum tissue above the area of concern. Then, they will use a special tool to lift and stretch the tissue over the exposed root surface to re-cover it. Similar to the way you would pull up a comforter whenever you’re making the bed.

Pinhole® treatments use the healthy tissue you already have next to the tooth, rather than transplanting graft tissues and suturing them in that area.

After the gum tissue has been positioned in the desired location, our dentist will insert collagen strips into the pinhole at the base of the stretched gum tissue. These collagen strips help to keep the gums in their new position and create new tissue attachment between them and your tooth surface. No suturing is needed!

Benefits of Pinhole® Gum Surgery

Pinhole gum rejuvenation® is far more effective and gentler than traditional gum grafting methods. This non-invasive treatment will allow you to enjoy benefits like:

There is no cutting or grafting involved with Pinhole® gum treatment. In turn, the procedure is far less painful and much quicker to recover from.

No stitches are required. Pinhole® Gum Treatment doesn’t use any stitches to hold the gums in place. Since it’s extremely minimally invasive, the tissue heals quickly on its own.

Minimal bleeding. Any bleeding you might experience will likely stop before you leave the dental office.

Rapid recovery time. Because the hole we create is so small (the size of a pinprick), it usually closes on its own in a few days. You can apply a cold compress to the area if you feel any swelling or irritation.

Instant results. Unlike grafting, there is no need to wait for weeks to see the final result. You won’t have to wear medicated dressings over the area for days or alter your diet, either. You get to enjoy the benefits immediately.

Very low risk of any complications. This conservative treatment has very low risks or contraindications, as there is no cutting, grafting, or excessive surgical techniques necessary.

Outstanding results. The final appearance of your gum tissue should look healthy and natural, as it is the original tissue from that same area of your mouth. It was not grafted from another location.

What to Expect After Treatment

You can expect to feel very little discomfort after the Pinhole® gum procedure. But if you do, plan to relieve any temporary soreness with an over-the-counter pain medication like Motrin (ibuprofen.) Warm salt water rinses and will speed up the recovery process as they naturally easy mild inflammation. It’s possible to start flossing and brushing the area within several days, as long as it’s not uncomfortable. Avoid eating crunchy or harder textures of foods for a few days to avoid any irritation.

Pinhole® Gum Treatment In Salem

Uneven gums aren’t just a cosmetic concern; they impact your smile’s health and future performance. Thankfully, you now have a gentler way to treat gum recession: Pinhole gum rejuvenation®.

Periodontists require specific training to be able to perform Pinhole® surgical treatment so many dental practices are not able to offer it. Fortunately, Dr. Helyne Hamelburg at Paradise Dental Associates is a board-certified periodontist that specializes in treating disorders of the soft tissues and offers the Pinhole® surgical technique at their Salem, Ma dental practice.

If you have any questions about the difference in the gum rejuvenation treatments do not hesitate to reach out to Paradise Dental Associates, where we can help you achieve a healthier smile in just one visit!

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