Pinhole Procedure: Everything You Need To Know

Gums are an important part of the mouth, more important than you might think. If you have receding gums, it could be a bigger problem than you might think. Common everyday things like brushing your teeth, or eating over time can start to become painful as more of the teeth become exposed. This is caused by the gums that are around the teeth become inflamed, this is mainly due because of periodontal disease.

As gums continue to recede, and more teeth become exposed, sometimes even the teeth roots can become exposed making the tooth more susceptible to cavities and can become extremely sensitive to cold/hot temperatures in food or drinks. ?Or simply looking for a cosmetic solution.

Our own Dr. Helyne has been certified and trained specifically in the revolutionary Pinhole? Surgical Technique (PST?), a scapel-free, suture-free, graft-free treatment option for the correction of receding gums. This procedure if far less invasive compared to traditional grafting. A quick, easy and instantly pleasing procedure that can be life changing! This procedure is designed to be pain-free. If you or someone you know has receding gums and feels like it may be time to do something about it, we invite you to learn more. Give us a call today and find out how this procedure can give you the gum rejuvenation needed or if you want to learn more about how the pinhole procedure is done, read about it here on our website.?

If you are interested in scheduling out this procedure with Dr. Helyne! Contact us today!

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