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Scalpel-Free Gum Recession Treatment

It’s All in the Technique

Gum recession is a gradual condition; you may not even realize you’re experiencing it until it has reached an advanced stage. Our Periodontics specialist can help identify issues for you.  Uneven gums around your teeth are one of the first signs. You may notice the perfectly arch-shaped gum tissue that normally covers the roots of your teeth has begun to disappear. The naturally yellow part of your teeth (dentin) that’s normally hidden becomes visible. There are multiple causes of gum recession, from aggressive brushing to advanced age to genetic predisposition. No matter the reason, the end results of unchecked recession are typically the same: extreme tooth sensitivity and eventual tooth destabilization and loss. This can also lead to jawbone deterioration. Fortunately, Paradise Dental Associates can help you avoid these complications if you seek treatment in time. We can reverse your gum recession with the groundbreaking Pinhole® Surgical Technique. Essentially, we just pull your existing healthy gum tissue over the recessed areas!

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Advantages of the Pinhole Surgical Technique

One Tiny Hole, One Tremendous Outcome

Gum recession has traditionally been treated with gum grafting, which means using a scalpel to take tissue from your palate, placing the tissue over the recessed area, and allowing it to heal. While effective, it’s not the best option for scalpel-phobic patients. With the minimally invasive Pinhole Surgical Technique, we use specialized dental instruments to make a tiny hole, or “pinhole,” in your gums and then reposition the tissue by pulling it down over the recession. No scalpels or sutures! As a Boston University-trained periodontist, Dr. Helyne Hamelburg is uniquely qualified to resolve all of your gum issues with exceptional outcomes right here in our Salem, MA office. Using the Pinhole Surgical Technique, she doesn’t cut your tissue, but simply moves the tissue that’s already present. This includes shaping it around the tooth to give your gums as natural an appearance as possible. The results are completely seamless!

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Regain your healthy gumline and spectacular smile!