Same Day Dental Crowns

Here at Paradise Dental, we have the single greatest piece of technology dentistry has ever seen! We can give our clients same day crowns! Patients usually come to us with their two biggest concerns about dental crowns; they don’t have the time to spend at the dentist’s office, or they’re afraid of getting uncomfortable temporary crowns that keep falling out. With our new and improved technology, we can avoid both of these situations!

dental crowns

We invite you to experience the new digital difference with our CEREC© machine! The CEREC© system is able to create permanent crowns within minutes, allowing patients to enjoy their new smile the moment they leave the office.

A dental crown can be the perfect answer if you have a tooth that?s decaying, cracked, or damaged. While dental crowns create a natural looking restoration, they also strengthen and protect the tooth their placed on. They can help prevent the decaying of a tooth from reoccurring. Crowns are customized to perfectly to match the shape, color and size of your tooth to seamlessly blend in with your existing teeth. With proper dental care, crowns can last for several years.

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