Should I Whiten My Teeth?

Should I Whiten My Teeth?

No matter how confident and outgoing you are, your smile is a feature that can make or break the way you view yourself. Smiles can be both a source of pride or a source of insecurity. Having a beaming set of pearly whites will not only make your teeth appear healthier, but they will also boost your self esteem in ways you didn’t know were possible! Paradise Dental Associates offers an array of options for whitening your teeth, from in office treatments to custom made trays used for at home whitening. If you’ve considered whitening your teeth, check out these reasons why you should go ahead and do it!

Your Teeth Have Stains

Staining is one of the biggest motivators for teeth whitening. Stains can happen from habits such as smoking and regularly drinking soda, coffee, or wine. Cutting one of those habits is an even better reason to start whitening! 

Your Teeth Are Aging

Just like how our skin can wrinkle or sag with age, teeth can show signs of aging in the form of discoloration & yellowing. This happens due to the enamel breaking down over time, leaving teeth more susceptible to stains. If you’ve noticed your teeth getting duller with age, think of teeth whitening as a non-surgical anti aging procedure! 

You Have a Big Event Coming Up

Whether it is a work conference, a wedding, or a class reunion, you should go ahead and treat yourself to a teeth whitening if you have a special occasion on your calendar. Whitening your teeth beforehand will give you a bigger and brighter smile on the day of, and this is something you will look back and see in pictures and videos for years to come! 

You Need Oral Hygiene Motivation

Whitening your teeth will make you even more motivated to take good care of them! You will think twice before skipping a floss or skimping on brush time when you are motivated to maintain those fresh pearly whites. 

What Are The Best Teeth Whitening Options? 

Paradise Dental Associates specializes in all things cosmetic dentistry, from crowns to veneers. We offer fast & effective whitening treatments that will transform your smile in a single appointment. If you are looking for an at home whitening option, we can even set you up with an easy to use GLO at home whitening system! Patient comfort is our first priority, and our doctors & staff will closely monitor you for any increased sensitivity discomfort during your whitening process. If you are ready to get started on your dream smile, book your appointment today!

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