Signs You Should Book a Dental Appointment

Signs You Should Book A Dental Appointment

With twice yearly exams being the typical oral hygiene routine, many patients can forget their second exam or forgo dental care entirely without realizing until it is too late. Keeping up with your oral healthcare is critical for your overall health and happiness. If you are experiencing any of the following, it is time to book an appointment. 

Pain, Swelling, or Redness

If you are in jaw, tooth, or gum pain, you need to see a medical professional as soon as possible. Jaw pain can include tightness, soreness, or immobility, and needs to be addressed to prevent or treat serious joint issues. If you have a tooth that is aching, stinging, or visibly damaged, this also needs to be treated as soon as possible to determine the cause and preserve the health of the tooth. Gum redness or swelling can also be a sign of a serious issue. Whatever your discomfort symptoms are, they need to be addressed and treated. 

Blood, Pus, or Visible Decay

It is not normal for your gums to bleed at random or during brushing. If you are seeing blood in the sink while you brush, it is time to speak with a doctor. Pus or visible tooth decay are even more serious symptoms and likely considered a dental emergency. Call a doctor, explain the symptoms and urgency, and get yourself seen as soon as possible. 

Bad Breath or Dry Mouth

Persistent bad breath (medically referred to as Halitosis) can be a sign of infection or bacteria imbalance that a dentist can help you with. A healthy mouth has saliva lubrication to wash away food particles and neutralize naturally occurring acids. If your mouth is persistently dry, this also requires medical attention. These symptoms can also be signs of an acidic imbalance

You Haven’t Been in 6+ Months

The average dental plan provides 2 yearly continued care appointments that can include cleaning, x-rays, oral cancer screenings and more. If you haven’t been to a check up in more than six months, you likely have one that is covered by your insurance coming up, and you definitely need a check up either way. 

Book A Continued Care Appointment Today 

If you are reading this article, you are likely looking for a sign that it is time for you to book a dental appointment… This is your sign! Book a continued care appointment with Paradise Dental’s multi-specialty family practice by getting in touch online or calling today.

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