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We Want to See You Smile

Having yellow, darkened, or stained teeth doesn’t exactly encourage you to smile, no matter how happy you may feel. Teeth like this can be very embarrassing for you, whether you’re afraid of making a bad first impression or just wish to avoid unwanted attention. If you have poor dental hygiene or partake of certain habits that contribute to tooth discoloration, the good news is you can change those habits to keep your teeth from getting darker. To lighten up a single tooth or an entire set of them to a consistent, eye-catching color, teeth whitening treatments are the way to go.

While there are many teeth whitening options available in your local grocery store—toothpaste, strips, gels, etc.—professional teeth whitening treatments like those we offer here at Paradise Dental Associates will give you the most dramatic and lasting results. Our team has extensive expertise and training in teeth whitening and many other cosmetic dentistry treatments. We can translate your desires into a smile you’ll want to show off wherever you go. You may be surprised at just how more attractive teeth can enhance your confidence and overall enjoyment of life!

What to Avoid to Keep Your Teeth Shining

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Many Ways to Whiten Teeth


ZOOM!® Teeth Whitening

ZOOM! is an in-office procedure that enables you to come in and leave with whiter, brighter teeth the very same appointment. We use a special whitening gel, but the key feature is a UV light treatment that speeds up the process. We can change the shade of your teeth dramatically while saving you the messy and time-consuming steps that you might otherwise do on your own. If you simply don’t have the time for daily whitening trays, ZOOM is for you!


Sinsational Smiles

This revolutionary in-office whitening product is a cost-effective and even quicker alternative to ZOOM! Each Sinsational Smiles whitening tray is pre-loaded with the appropriate amount of whitening gel. You place the tray in your mouth, and we use an LED light for 20 minutes to activate the whitening catalyst inside the gel. This process is best performed in conjunction with a teeth cleaning, because your teeth will be plaque-free. Afterward, you’ll have noticeably whiter teeth! We’ll also give you a maintenance whitening pen to take home for nightly use. Come back and see us again at our Salem, MA office when you need a re-brightening.



This personal teeth whitening device uses a special gel in combination with a patented warming heat and light technology to brighten up your smile. GLO is easy to use on your own at home and, like all of our whitening treatments, will cause little to no heightened sensitivity or discomfort during use. As always, your comfort is our primary concern!

Ready for whiter teeth? Leave it to the professionals!

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