Teeth Whitening Tips For Whiter Teeth

Teeth Whitening Tips For Whiter Teeth

Everyone wants beautiful, fresh, white teeth. But each person’s smile is unique. Some teeth whitening methods may work better for certain individuals than others.

How to Reduce Tooth Stain

Limiting coffee, tea, and red wine is the #1 rule for whiter teeth. The foods and drinks we consume naturally stain our teeth over time. Dark-colored liquids soak into the enamel, causing tooth discoloration. Teeth can also be discolored by smoking. Superficial stains can be polished off during your dental cleaning. But to remove deep, internal tooth stain, advanced whitening procedures are required.

Even if you’ve whitened your teeth recently, it’s a good idea to limit your dark liquids, drink through a straw, and rinse your mouth out routinely to prevent new stain buildup.

What Not to Whiten Your Teeth With

Be cautious about home remedies that claim to whiten your teeth. These can include examples like brushing with baking soda or rubbing lemon on your teeth. Both of these can be abrasive, causing additional discoloration and staining after the temporary whiter results. It’s always best to talk with our Salem dentists about which teeth whitening options are best for your smile, as dangerous DIY hacks you find online can wind up costing you over the long term.  Many of these “tricks” cause thinning or abrasions in your enamel, leading to permanent damage.

What About Whitening Toothpaste, Mouthwash?

Whitening toothpaste and rinses are the first products most people look for when they want whiter teeth. These products usually have very low amounts of ingredients that whiten teeth, making them better at stain prevention than stain removal. Plus, they can lead to unwanted sensitivity after several uses, making your teeth hurt when you eat or drink certain foods.

Keep these products on hand for between teeth whitening treatments to keep your smile brighter. If they cause sensitivity, consider alternating them with a desensitizing product on other days.

Over-the-Counter Whitening Products

Home whitening kits like strips or trays are more effective than toothpaste or rinses. Most offer mild to moderate stain removal. But these products also have a downside: their generic one-size fit. This can lead to uneven whitening results or burns on your gum tissues. For significantly better results, it’s best to get a custom treatment with our Salem dentists.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Paradise Dental Associates offers various types of in-office whitening systems to fit the needs of each patient.

In-office professional whitening has many advantages over other methods. This type of procedure offers same-day results and even whitening across your smile. The light accelerates process improves stain removal and whitens your teeth in less time than commercial products. It’s a perfect option for anyone looking for a fast smile makeover or with an important event coming up at short notice.

Take-home systems provide flexibility and custom whitening results that are better than anything you’ll find in stores. Plus, it’s easy to touch up after cleanings to keep your smile white in the years ahead. These fitted whitening trays provide maximum contact with your teeth paired with our concentrated professional gel for the best results possible.

Who is a Teeth Whitening Candidate?

Professional whitening treatments work best immediately after your regular dental cleaning when teeth are free of tartar buildup and superficial stain particles. Our Salem dentist can also make sure your teeth and gums are healthy enough for whitening, as bleaching gel shouldn’t be applied if there are any areas of decay or gum infections.

Other Things to Consider

Be sure to check to see if you have any restorations, such as fillings or crowns, that may be visible after whitening your teeth. The shades of these tooth-colored ceramics will not change with the color of your teeth and will need to be replaced. If you’re planning to have your dental work updated soon, whitening beforehand is an excellent first step.

A Conservative Smile Makeover

If you’ve been considering cosmetic dentistry or a smile makeover, teeth whitening is a great stand-alone option. This straightforward and non-invasive treatment helps your smile look years younger and healthier in as little as one appointment. Or, we can combine it with other cosmetic procedures like veneers and bonding.

Professional teeth whitening is cost-effective and a better investment than re-purchasing over-the-counter systems over and over, which don’t work as well.

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