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Jaw Pain? TMJ Treatment Can End It

What Is TMJ or TMJ Disorder?

You may have heard TMJ used to describe a person’s jaw popping and locking while chewing or talking. This is incorrect, though it’s close to the truth—TMJ is an abbreviation of the temporomandibular joints where those issues originate. You have one TMJ beneath the skin and muscle in front of each of your ears. These are essentially hinges that enable your mouth to open and close, which make them vital to eating, speaking, and smiling. When your TMJ are the source of discomfort, those activities can become difficult. TMJ disorders have many causes, including teeth grinding, teeth misalignment, arthritis, and extreme stress. No matter the reason, the team here in our Salem, MA office can help you overcome your jaw pain and other TMJ-related issues using custom-fitted mouthguards, which comfortably restrict the improper movement of your jaws.

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TMJ Symptoms


Fast, Effective TMJ Treatment

Paradise Dental Associates is a multi-specialty practice with the expertise to treat all conditions related to your oral health and beyond. We’ve had tremendous success helping end TMJ symptoms for our patients. Our preferred treatment method is a mouthguard. The team here in our office will custom-fit your mouthguard for maximum performance and comfort. These have been proven to stop teeth grinding, and in fact, can also be used to treat sleep apnea and some other conditions. It’s easy for you to put your mouthguard in before sleep and in some cases during the day. When you’re about to eat or want to clean your mouthguard, you can take it out quickly and easily. They’re as convenient as they are effective!

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Why suffer when proven TMJ treatment is available?

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