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End Your Tooth Pain

Tooth Extractions Can Be the Best Treatment

Tooth pain can be a major disruption to your daily life. There’s the ongoing pain itself, then there’s the more intense pain that can occur when you eat or drink anything. You may even have trouble sleeping. At Paradise Dental Associates, we’ll do our best to stop your pain as quickly as possible. Though we always strive to save a troubled tooth, sometimes the only way to permanently end your discomfort and improve your oral health is a tooth extraction. When you need a tooth removed, rest assured our skilled, compassionate team will keep you as calm and comfortable as possible with anesthesia. We provide tooth extractions for severely decayed teeth or broken teeth, as well as non-impacted wisdom teeth. For parents of our young patients, we offer the Store-A-Tooth service for wisdom teeth, baby teeth, and healthy teeth extracted for orthodontic work. This enables you to preserve stem cells from your children’s teeth, which can be used later to treat a growing number of health conditions. Ask for more details about this vital program.

Common Reasons for a Tooth Extraction

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Restore and Protect Your Smile

Once your tooth pain has been eliminated, you’ll feel tremendous relief. But tooth extractions should not be a final step but only the first step toward a beautiful and healthy smile. By leaving gaps in your mouth, you become susceptible to additional health issues down the line. Here’s why: Your jawbone stays strong through the presence of tooth roots and the regular stimulation of chewing. Without those, it can start to deteriorate. The bone under the areas of extraction may eventually recede. You can avoid this possibility and have a full, flattering smile again with dental implants. These are a permanent tooth substitute that look, feel, and perform just like natural teeth. To most eyes, including yours, they’ll be completely identical. If you’re missing teeth, or may be soon, request a free dental implant consultation at our Salem, MA office today.

Have tooth pain? We can stop it for good!

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