Why You Should Use Your Dental Insurance Before The New Year

Did you know that using your dental insurance plan before the start of the new year can help you out immensely by saving you upwards of hundreds of dollars? Well it can. There are a few different elements that go into these overall savings. Let?s take a look at how you can save today.

No Rollover

Over the course of the year, insurance companies typically allot for a certain amount of money they will cover each year. This is typically about $1000, but can vary deeply depending on the policy. If this money is not used up over the course of the year, it does reset typically at the end of the calendar year. This means you could lose this amount, as there is no rollover.

You?re Already Paying!

Each month, you are required to pay a premium to the insurance company, so why not use those benefits! If you are paying a certain amount each month, then it is important to also get the most out of that plan. Regular dental cleanings can be a part of this and can help in many ways.

Be Preventative

As mentioned above, regular dental cleanings should be a priority, as they can help prevent things from getting worse. For example, ignoring a cavity could cause it to need a root canal in the future. By going to the dentist office consistently, they can check for these things, which ultimately costs you less money.

At Paradise Dental, we want to make sure that all our patients are taken care of with the utmost of quality, and therefore, we offer all the services that we do. Make your appointment with us before the end of the year! Contact us today for more information, or call us directly at 781-598-3700.

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