What Are Dental Crowns and What Can They Do for You?

A dental crown can be the answer to all of your dental woes if you have a tooth that’s decaying, cracked or damaged, or in need of a root canal. Dental crowns not only create a natural looking restoration but it strengthens and protects your tooth that has been weakened by damage or decay. Crowns are caps that are made out of porcelain, metal, or ceramic which are made to fit perfectly over your natural teeth to cover the damaged area. Crowns are customized to perfectly match the shape, color, and size of your tooth so it’s seamlessly blended in with your existing teeth. With proper dental care, crowns can last for several years since it is giving you a permanent restoration over your decayed or damaged tooth.

Dental crowns can turn your damaged tooth into a beautiful, healthy appearance and offer structure and support to the natural tooth. It will improve your smile and prevent the decay on the tooth from reoccurring. Crowns can also help restore your bite since with a dental crown you will be able to distribute the pressure evenly when you are chewing. Overall, a dental crown can help your teeth in the short and long term by helping you restore your smile and help keep your teeth healthy and whole.

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