What are the Benefits of CEREC Dental Crowns?

dental crowns

Dental crowns are a common procedure, but traditional technologies can make it inconvenient. Here?s how the CEREC technology at Paradise Dental allows our patients a comfortable and streamlined experience with their dental crowns!?

Strengthen the Existing Tooth

For a tooth to require a crown, the rotted or damaged part of it is first removed. A dental crown is then placed over what is left of the original tooth. This prevents it from further damage, which is especially important because more of the tooth is now exposed. Crowns also prevent decay from forming on the tooth underneath them, keeping your tooth clean and healthy! 

Aesthetic and Functional

Crowns can serve different purposes, or more than one, depending on which tooth is treated. They are often implanted where a tooth is chipped or broken in order to restore the tooth?s appearance and function. While you can?t properly eat with a chipped molar, you also may not be as confident in your smile with a chipped front tooth! 

Immediate Results 

What makes the CEREC Machine like no other is that you can have a crown fully fitted and in place all in one appointment. The traditional crown procedure consists of two appointments, one to clean the existing tooth, temporarily cover it, and create a mould, and then another to put the permanent crown in place. CEREC technology cuts this down to one simple appointment, saving you time, comfort, and more!?

A Stronger Built Crown 

CEREC is the leading technology, and with good reason – The crowns are built to last. With harder porcelain than traditional crowns, CEREC crowns are designed to withstand years of chewing, talking, and other mouth and jaw movements. They also match the natural tooth shade more accurately! 

Booking a CEREC Crown 

As longtime leaders of the dental industry, Paradise Dental Associates in Salem, MA is proud to offer our patients the advanced technology of our CEREC crown machine. Our offices provide the industry?s top techniques and dental innovations, along with customized care plans centered around your comfort. If you?re in need of a crown or other restorative dental work, book with Paradise Dental today!?781-819-2068

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