What is Store-A-Tooth?

At Paradise Dental Associates, we offer a unique service where parents can store stem cells found in

their children?s teeth. During routine dental extractions, the dental stems can be collected from the

candidate?s teeth. Instead of discarding the tooth after dental care, Store-A- Tooth offers a convenient

and affordable prospect for the storage of the stem cells for future use.


The use of dental stem cells can already be used for treatments for regenerating dental bone and gum

disease. It is said that in the future, dental stem cells may be able to help treat systemic diseases just like

the stem cells from cord blood or bone marrow. ?Store-A- Tooth is also about one third the cost of

storing stem cells from umbilical cord blood. Dental stem cells are not embryonic cells so there is no

controversy over their use in regards to therapy of their donor or close family member. Not every tooth

can be a candidate for Store-A- Tooth though. The ideal teeth used for harvesting dental stem cells are

baby teeth, wisdom teeth, surgically extracted teeth and healthy teeth. This is because the younger the

tooth or the donor is, the more potent the stem cells are.


Our dental office at Paradise Dental Associates are equipped to provide Store-A- Tooth procedures. If

your child is in need of the stored dental stem cells, contact us and we can safely transport the cells to

the clinic where the therapy will occur. Prepare your children?s future well-being and health with the

Store-A- Tooth service. Banking their stem cells now means your child has the potential to benefit from

advanced therapies in the future.

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