What Sets Paradise Dental Apart from Other Practices?

While there are many features that set Paradise Dental apart from other dental practices, there are two that really stand out. We offer exclusive amenities and specialties that you won?t find in other dental practices.

Our Amenities

We offer amazing amenities to our patients while their receiving treatment in our office. We understand that almost everyone has some type of fear or anxiety when it comes to visiting the dentist, so we have incorporated some amazing amenities into our everyday care! These amenities include, refreshments, pre-appointment kits, warm face cloths, blankets, a neck pillow and an individualized radio or television entertainment. We also offer thermal spa heated hand treatment, which nourishes and soothes tired, dry hands with specially formulated silk lotion and warm mitts.

Our Specialties

We offer specialties such as periodontal dentistry, endodontic dentistry and sleep solutions right in our office! Many people don?t understand the convenience of having a periodontal or endodontic specialist in the same office as their dentist until they need to visit one. When they?re right in the office, there?s no need to search for a periodontal or endodontic specialist and make an appointment!

Dr. HelynehamMany dentists would refer a patient that needs periodontal work to a specialist; but here at Paradise Dental, we ARE specialists! Dr. Helyne Hamelburg is our periodontal specialist. She began practicing dentistry and received her postdoctoral training in the field of Periodontology from Boston University in 1993.

Learn more about Dr. Helyne Hamelburg here!


Dr. PastanDentists often refer patients in need of a difficult root canal to an endodontist specialist; but here at Paradise Dental, we have specialists right in our office! Dr. Christina Pastan is our endodontic specialist. She completed a general practice residency at New England Medical Center in Boston, and completed her Postdoctoral training in Endodontics at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in 1994.

Learn more about Dr. Christina Pastan here!

Dr. MarshWe are also very proud to have recently added a doctor that has earned a degree to be a certified dental sleep practitioner. Dr. Ken Marsh has had a long successful career in dentistry, and has since graduated from Tufts Dental school curriculum of dental sleep medicine. Having Dr. Marsh on site is extremely convenient to our patients. They no longer have to visit a sleep specialist outside of our office, and we supply oral appliance therapy right here in our office!

Learn more about Dr. Ken Marsh here!

At Paradise Dental, we are committed to excellence while providing comprehensive care in all aspects of dentistry. To learn more about our amenities and specialties, or to book an appointment, call us today! 781-598-3700

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