Why You Would Need a Dental Crown vs a Dental Filling

Dental crowns and dental fillings are used for the same thing; decayed or damaged teeth. However, they are used for different extremities of decay or damage. Your dental professional is going to provide you with the treatment that they deem is best for your circumstances in order to best restore the affected teeth. If your dental professional tells you that you are in need of a dental crown, here are a few of the reasons why that will be the best course of treatment. 

Cracked Teeth

Cracked teeth do not heal naturally, therefore dental crowns are the best way to treat them. Because of the risk of infection getting into a broken or cracked tooth, dental fillings will not suffice and dental crowns are necessary. Dental crowns are also used for cracked teeth because they are customized to look just like your natural teeth, perfect for treating a broken tooth!

Badly Decayed Teeth

A tooth that is badly decaying can spread that bacteria and start to affect the surrounding teeth. Because of this, a dental filling will not be enough to stop that spread of bacteria and a dental crown is necessary. 

Large Cavities

When a cavity is detected quickly, a filling will do the trick. If a cavity has been affecting your teeth for too long without treatment, it tends to grow and go deeper into your tooth. If the decay caused by the cavity seems to be too much damage for a cavity to treat, a dental crown will be necessary. 

Previous Fillings

If one tooth has been treated multiple times for cavities with many fillings, it becomes much weaker and soon may even cause pain or discomfort with normal activities like eating. If a tooth has gone through too many cavities and fillings, a dental crown is needed to protect that tooth from any further damage or infection.

Paradise Dental Associates

Our staff are no strangers to the signs of someone who is in need of dental crown treatment.  Highly skilled in cosmetic dentistry, we are able to restore the strength, beauty, and function of your teeth with dental crowns when necessary. That is why we have invested in the CEREC crown technology, so our patients are able to enjoy life with their beautiful smiles with fewer visits necessary for checkups. To learn more about dental crowns and our CEREC technology, give us a call today at 781-230-7086 or fill out our online contact form.

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